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Hain Ranch Organics is a small family farm / ranch bordering the Tres Pinos Creek five miles south of Hollister in the central coast region of California.  This CCOF certified organic operation blends the production of organic walnuts with a Salatin style pastured poultry system.  A section of orchard is planted with permanent pasture to provide green forage to the poultry during the May through November seasonal production period.  The poultry provide pest control benefits and contribute greatly to the fertility of the soil while receiving all of the fresh air, sunshine, grass and bugs that they desire.  We also feed the poultry a high quality organic feed.  On farm processing provides on-farm and farmers market friends and customers with the highest quality fresh chicken possible while reducing stress on the poultry to a minimum.  We currently produce 4000 broilers and maintain a small pastured laying flock for eggs in addition to the walnuts.  Our main markets are the San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and Monterey Bay areas.  We don’t ship out of area.

            Blending organic walnuts and truly free range poultry production is a work in progress and we welcome the public to visit the ranch and see how their food is grown.

At Hain Ranch Organics we work with nature to maintain and enhance an environment in which our chickens are healthy, happy, and stress free.  Our free-roaming hens enjoy grass, bugs, sunshine, and clean country air, giving us eggs that are fresh, nutritious, and naturally high in Omega 3’s. You and your family will see and taste the healthy difference in Hain Ranch Organic Eggs!

            We strive to care for our trees, land, and animals in a sustainable and stress free fashion.  We believe in having your food produced as locally as possible and in eating with the seasons.  We choose to limit our distribution to a local (100 miles) market to promote local food sheds, and limit excessive transportation impacts.  Hain Ranch Organics goal is to produce the healthiest food, grown in a sustainable manner, and foster stronger local community dynamics.


Paul  Hain 831-628-3390

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