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Great News!

The chicks have arrived!  2013

Greetings from Paul and Leti of Hain Ranch Organics!  We hope that this spring newsletter finds you well.  Our first 150 chicks will be ready to harvest in early May.  I’m trying a different breed of chicken this year, Freedom Rangers.  They are slower growing and better adapted to pasture than the Cornish Cross. They went out to the orchard a month ago and are doing fine. 

Our marketing will be much like years past with on-farm pickups, two farmers markets, and some special CSA/buying club deals.  As always, our goal is to produce the finest pastured chicken that is raised humanely, organically certified, and totally fresh.  Your best value is by joining our ranch CSA where you get the benefit of the lowest prices on our products, an invitation to special events, and the knowledge that you are helping us to continue to care for our livestock, the environment, and sustain our community.  We are pleased with the response to our CSA and truly appreciate your support. 

We are rebuilding our egg flock and should have good numbers of eggs in June.

We will grow 20 to 40 turkeys if there is demand.  We saved a tom and two hens from last season and they’re laying eggs.  I’m incubating some right now!

Of course, we will have our wonderful walnuts throughout the year.

As always, we welcome you to bring your family and visit our ranch to see where and how your food is grown.


Remember that our chickens and eggs are unique because they are:

  • Sustainably raised
  • Pastured on real grass
  • Humanly raised and processed in a stress free environment
  • Certified organic and fresh!


Thanks for your support!                                                                             

Paul and Leti Hain

                                                                                                Hain Ranch Organics

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